Oldschool Runescape Player Slang: “Comfy”

OSRS is a game full of acronyms: P2P Pay-To-Play, Experience, Gold Pieces, xp, gp” and Hour, /hr”, often appended to “gp/xp” rates, and thousands of other shortened phrases for just about anything in-game. Even in the highest level and very niche activities, such as P1/2/3 for phases 1, 2, 3, etc in raids with multiple phases of a fight or skill check, shorthand expressions are used by the players relaying information to a team or learner to save time. But this isn’t to gatekeep the newer or less experienced players!

Oldschool Runescape doesn’t use your keyboard, it’s all mouse, and some activities require a lot of consistent clicking to be done optimally, so keeping your main-hand free to do so is key to being a good player.

This constant demand for the mouse has changed the way players communicate to not only use acronyms wherever possible, but use shorthand references to most other names of activities, too. Telling a player to “Alch” to train magic means to cast “High Alchemy” on items for experience, and running an “alt account” means having an alternate account such as a Rune Dragon Alt for money-making in 0time while their main is doing other things.

The culture is so used to this now, that shorthand references — now slang used in an informal setting — are used even while sitting, doing nothing, such as being AFK at the G.E (more abbreviations for you!) and, while we relax, we might refer to it as being “comfy”.

But What Does “Comfy” Mean in OSRS Slang-Terms?

You might’ve seen the .gif of pepe the frog sitting at a computer, blanket on, with snow falling outside. Picture that, but with Runescape. Picture sitting at your computer, warm, in your favourite chair sitting, watching the world of Oldschool Runescape and all of the players you’re sharing a connection with, your own character which you’ve developed through many hours of playing, all together in this place. It sounds pretty cozy, right?

So, sitting after the long grinds you’ve made it through to take a break just for a while, at a bank or popular meeting spot like the G.E, perhaps even with an easier or more enjoyable activity, you can simply enjoy Runescape. That’s being comfy.

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